Driving Range



Beginning August 18th

The Range will be CLOSING at 5:30pm on Wednesday’s  (last bucket sold at 5:15) for Maintenance. 

We will re-open at Approx. 8:00am Thursday Morning –


Thank you for your Cooperation

The 27,000 sq. ft grass tee is ready for you to come warm up prior to a tee time or simply come out to work on your game!

Bluff Creek is pleased to offer the following Range Programs for 2021.
For your convenience, we will be using the latest technology in our practice range program.
You may pay in the clubhouse or we will accept payment for all size combinations using a credit or debit card right on the range!!!

2021 Range Balls Prices

    • Small      (approx 18 balls) $4.00
    •  Medium       (approx 36 balls) $7.00
    • Large         (approx 70 balls) $11.00


Individual Range Pass Program 2021:SOLD OUT 

BCGC has recently updated our range machine options and we are pleased to offer the following range pass program for our patrons. 

We will be issuing key fobs with a maximum daily value of $22.00 (equivalent to 2 large buckets) per day. Once you have the key (the purchaser will be listed as the key holder), you will be able to conveniently go directly to the range, during operating hours, and get your practice balls. 

No more Tokens to lose. 

The price of the program is Only $399.00  plus a $10 key deposit. (that is only 36 large baskets to break even) 

Email bboe11@bluffcreek.com if you are interested in the range program.

Program Notes and Rules: 

  • Key Holders found to be sharing keys or balls will be asked to discontinue use immediately with no refund. Keys will be deactivated.  
  • Normal Range Hours of Operation are: but may be adjusted with or without notice 
    • M, T, W, F, S, S from 6:00 am- 7:30PM 
    • Thursday 10 am-7:30pm
  • Being a Key holder does not guarantee a hitting area on the range  
  • Key holders are eligible to use the short range area behind #11 tee box
  • Key holders will follow the “bacon strip” hitting method by placing the next ball behind the previous divot and continue along a line back from the original divot
  • Lost Keys must be reported immediately and a replacement will be issued, with forfeit of deposit and another $10 deposit will be made for a new key.
  • Keys must be turned in before the last day of the season or will forfeit deposit (unless notifying BCGC via email, that you will be continuing pass for the next season)
    • Keys will be deactivated at the end of each season and re issued after application and payment has been received. Key Holders will need to bring their key to the golf professional to be reactivated before use. 
    • Previous season key holders have until May 15th to renew range pass. After May 15th, a new range pass holder will be offered a pass and the non renewing key holder will be placed at the next position on the waiting list. 
  • Only 36 Limited Range Passes will be sold during each season. SOLD OUT